A dream home is everyone’s dream. It’s one of the most important things in our life, we live and breath 24/7 in our home, So everyone wants to design their home according to their likes.

While building a home or redesign your old home, bathroom is one of most important part of redesigning a home, Bathrooms are an important part of the house, plus an important part of our lives, we use them to prepare ourselves for the day every day, whether you are going to job, school, party (this list can go on) or it’s Sunday when you want to get fresh and chill all day with your family or loved once, Bathroom is an important part of our daily life.

Design of the bathroom makes a huge impact on the overall feel of your home. A well-designed bathroom makes your home more beautiful and a poorly designed bathroom impact the overall design of the house.

When someone visits your home for the first time, and if they use the bathroom, they notice how your bathroom is designed, then decide whether it’s a well-designed house or not. So a well-designed bathroom is a must for your home.

We have made a list of Bathroom Design ideas, you can use or take inspiration and create your own. Let’s go throw the list:

Luxury look bathroom design

Creating a luxury look for your bathroom doesn’t mean you need to cover it from floor to ceiling with exclusive and expensive brands. In reality, it’s all about selecting a few standout pieces that give luxury effect to the bathroom.

Bath and Shower

luxury bath and shower

Bath and shower are one of the main features in your bathroom, investing in these two will give your bathroom design a special touch. Designer baths and showers look sharp, give an easygoing bathing experience and add something special to your daily routine.


luxury bathroom furniture

Just as your bookshelves and sofa change the feel of your living room, bathroom furniture helps to create a feel and atmosphere for your bathroom. choose quality pieces that give your bathroom a sense of luxury, whether it’s by making a statement or working together to create a sense of bond.

Coordinating freestanding units, cupboards, and cabinets help to tie the whole bathroom together and give it a purposeful designer look. Vintage units, with wood panels and a classic shape, will add the traditional look and also provide useful storage and organisation.

We think feature walls or artwork is the way to make your bathroom look unique, but a standout piece of furniture also act as a design statement, giving the bathroom an edgy feel. A bright-coloured bath or cabinet is eye-catching, while a sleek wall-hung unit has a subtler effect.

Extra things to add to your colour pallet

Extra things to add to your colour pallet

Colour options for your bathroom are endless, adding additional touches boost your design planning to the next level. Create a designer look with tiles, you can style across the walls or floor to integrate into your bathroom.

Take your neutrals to the next level with designs in a predominantly tonal grey and white pallet, you can choose from floral and geometric prints or plain, concrete-effect designs to add a luxury feel to your colour scheme.

Make a design statement with a bold piece of artwork, Style your favourite in the middle of a wall as a proud picture, or use it as a backsplash for dual functionality.

Make your textiles sing

Make your textiles sing

The simplest additions polish your bathroom design. Accessorising with speciality towels will instantly add a unique touch to your bathroom, you will notice the difference in quality after stepping out of the bath or shower.

Add some life with colourful towels

The quirky prints and lively coloured towels will brighten up your bathroom. Ideal for a shabby-chic or family bathroom, the irresistibly fun patterns will pop against an all-white bathroom or pair perfectly with pastel tones.

The design is in the details

The designer is in the details

A quick way to give your bathroom a luxurious feel is to pay attention to the details. Accessories add style and functionality to your design, there’s a huge amount of choices when it comes to accessories that will make your bathroom look extra special.

Urban look bathroom design

Urban designs are influenced by artsy warehouses and modern living spaces in cities like New York and London. Its raw aesthetic feel makes it an effortless design choice for the bathroom.



Patterns are the way to go when it comes to adopting a metropolitan look. When used correctly, patterns create a feeling of sophistication. It’s best to use them carefully to prevent them from overpowering your space.

Add geometric flooring for a huge hit of pattern. Keep the rest of the space minimal to maintain a muted look. White furniture presents itself well to patterns and will create a powerful contrast.

A Patterned feature wall will offer a stylish twist on urban design. It’s the ideal backdrop for making white bathroom furniture pop, and concentrating it in one area stops it from feeling too busy.

Include city-inspired textures

Include city-inspired textures

Adding texture into bathroom design helps to create a rustic feel and ensure patterns don’t blend into one another. Materials such as concrete and marble are key ingredients in an industrial setting.

Marble adds a sense of luxury and bring refinement to urban space. Tile the walls and floor to create a look that reminds of a high-end hotel. add some black furniture and overhead lighting for dramatic contrast.

Concrete is the perfect choice when it comes to creating an urban-inspired bathroom. Raw and unpolished, Concrete is ideal if you want your bathroom to channel the modern loft look. Introduce concrete-like tiles on the walls to create a pavement effect.

Add a sleek colour palette

Add a sleek colour palette

The colour of iconic buildings and city streets, slate greys and soft shades of charcoal are ideal for adding the magic of city feel. For an effortlessly urban look, stick to a tonal pallet and include a splash of colour on a feature wall or with a few standout accessories.

Nothing feels more urban then slate grey tiles. Layer them with different shades of lighter greys to create tonal depth. Beyond looking modern and edgy, it will also prevent the bathroom from feeling too dark.

Monochrome is a key colour scheme found in city apartments and will give your bathroom contemporary style. Including a black and white theme can be as simple as tiling half of the space black and the other half white, or styling black furniture against a white backdrop.

Add sculptural interest

Add sculptural interest

When we think about ‘urban’, we think of narrative shapes and skyscrapers. Create a design that’s reflective of the city’s beautiful architecture by including moulded furniture that packs a big visual punch.

A rounded basin with pronounced edges will create a bold statement and bring city hotel feel. It’s a great way to add both functionality and artistic style to your design scheme, choose an all-black design to create a bold statement.

Combine rounded silhouettes with a monochrome colour pallet and the result is a modern look that’s soft and inviting. A freestanding bath will create a sculptural statement that feels cosy when combined with wooden flooring. It’s the perfect design formula for creating an urban theme with a welcoming finish.

By mixing raw textures with a city inspired colour scheme and interesting bathroom furniture, bring a touch of urban to your space.

Techy bathroom design

Techy bathroom design

Forget about spa days, the latest bathroom technology can help you create our very own pamper parlour at home.

Showers with many powers

A shower is the main feature in your bathroom, Impress your guests with a shower head that’s as techy as it is stylish.

the wireless showerhead is the best option If you love luxury and it will also serve as the perfect pampering partner.

Bluetooth Shower Head is the ultimate bathroom showstopper that Offers multiple high-tech functions. Bluetooth technology in this shower enables you to hook it up to your favourite playlist on your phone, it even allows you to call your friends. You know you’re living the high life when you can answer the phone in the shower. Its on-trend rainfall design makes it a great contender for a contemporary space.

Indulgent bath

When you are craving to unwind and relax, a warm bath is a perfect antidote. Cocoon yourself in luxury with a tub that uses innovative technology to soothe your mind, body and soul.

Finishing touches

High-tech bathroom gadgets don’t have to go around the bath and shower. Additions like mirrors and TVs are also good and give a satisfying feel as convenient bathroom tech.


No matter which design you choose, keep it in mind that designing a bathroom can be costly and time-consuming. So you should choose wisely, what to do and what to buy. But don’t worry, This is where The Landlord Bathroom Design Company comes to play. If you live in London or surrounding suburbs and want a beautiful bathroom for your dream home, Our home design consultants will help you design a bathroom from scratch plus keeping it completely affordable.Want to know more about creating the perfect bathroom contact us at: https://landlordbathrooms.com/contact/