Have you ever wondered what your ideal bathroom would look like if you had the opportunity to design one? When we think about designing or renovating a house, maybe the bathroom is not the first room we think about, but it’s definitely a big part to consider if we want to make our home unique.

Every single one of us probably has their own idea of what can make a bathroom perfect; some would say it needs to have a nice, big bathtub, some would think more about the shower and others would say it needs to have two sinks.

All of these characteristics are pretty important, and you are entitled to have your own opinion on, for example, how big you want your shower head to be, however there are many options that maybe we should all consider when refurbishing a bathroom.

In order to design the perfect bathroom, that will hopefully satisfy all the family members, and in some cases even the landlords, you need to first think about how to make the most of the space you have available. Needless to say, if your dream is having both a bathtub and a shower, it can be quite difficult to fit them both in a small room and, in that case, you might want to look at units that have the shower and the bathtub incorporated into one item.

Besides from the space, another aspect you need to keep in mind when renovating or designing a bathroom is the style of the rest of the house. If the other rooms are designed in a modern way, you might want to keep up with that kind of style, even if nobody, except maybe your husband or wife, is going to forbid you to furnish it in a more classical way as if it was a bathroom in the Palace of Versailles.

Once you’ve assessed the size your room and the style you want to have, all you need to do now is prepare yourself to do a lot of research on materials and items; sinks, toilets, showers, bathtubs, mirrors, towels, tiles, carpets, eventual bidets… Everything you can think of is probably going to be possible nowadays.

It can be a little scary to think about this ocean of possible options, but do not fear, it’s pretty easy to find bathroom design companies that will be with you every step of the way, especially if you live in big cities such as London and New York. Bathroom builders can give lots of ideas and also advise you on what would look and work best in your bathroom, you can see the different colours they have available, the materials, the items and also get professional advice.

Bathrooms don’t need to be just a place you use only for business, they could be places where you can exploit your creativity if you love make-up or relax with a nice hot shower after a long day at work. It’s good to have a place you feel comfortable in and that makes you feel at ease, pleasing your sight when you walk in it. That’s why you should really spend some time thinking about the accessories and features you want to refurbish your bathroom with.

Details are extremely important, what people notice right after the main furniture of the bathroom are the accessories, how they look and what purpose they serve. Even the very small things can help make your bathroom exactly how you like it and it’s important to think about what you want when you use it. For instance, some people like luxurious toilets that can warm up for you and even tell you the time or the weather and that’s okay, but, staying on a more affordable topic, there are plenty of other accessories and features that can easily make your bathroom unique without spending too much money.

Talking about shower heads, for example, you’d maybe think that they are just something that makes water fall on you while you are taking a shower, but you are going to be surprised about how many models, features and different functions you can find for such a simple thing.

Let’s start with explaining why shower heads are important and why we shouldn’t just pick a random one out of a list:

First of all, showering is for many people a moment to relax and get rid of the stress that built up during the day, or maybe a nice and warm embrace after you just woke up from a night of sleep, for these reasons, having a shower head that you can easily and perfectly regulate to have just the amount of water pressure on you is crucial in order to make the experience as pleasurable as possible every day.

Moreover, if the shower head you pick for your bathroom is not perfectly compatible with the way your house produces hot water, the water in the shower could fall in an uneven way, whether it is too weak or too powerful, it’s going to be close to impossible to find the right about of pressure.

Now that we’ve covered this, let’s talk about the different materials you can choose for your shower head. Nowadays it’s easy to find shower heads made of several materials but, obviously, you always need to keep in mind the style you chose for your bathroom. Whether you are going for a classical style or an urban one, steel is a pretty good option since it can go well with any style other than being unbreakable and very easy to find.

Shower heads are mainly divided in two big categories; regular shower heads and waterfall shower heads.

Both of these models can be either hung on the wall or they can be built directly on the ceiling, if it’s not too high, and a nice shower head can definitely give a wow feeling to your bathroom.

Waterfall shower heads try to recreate the natural way water falls from a waterfall, they usually have a broad head that can either be square or round, and you can decide to have the option of having led lights incorporated in the shower head in order to light up the stream of water in many different colours. Just try to imagine how good and spectacular it must be to shower under a warm, colourful waterfall, maybe while you enjoy the view in a city like London.

shower room installation

Regular shower heads are not any less beautiful though, they come in all shape and sizes and are way easier to regulate. Not to mention that they also allow you to choose the area you want to wash, in case you don’t wish to wash your whole body but just some parts.

Choosing The Right Shower Head

Are you too undecided to make up your mind on which model you want?

If you cannot choose between regular or waterfall, you have nothing to worry about. Options that include both are available and can possibly be the best choice to please everybody in the house.

Let’s now take a look at the environment and see what we can do to help our planet a little bit:

Nowadays more and more shower heads are designed to save water, minimizing the quantity of water that falls in order to keep an eye out for the environment. When choosing a shower head for our bathroom we might want to keep in mind that, if a shower head is eco-friendly and saves water, not only are we preserving our planet but also our wallets, since the water bill at the end of the month is going to be less expensive.

The shower head is just a very little part of the bathroom however, it is suggested to look at different options and keep an open mind towards the different models and comforts we want to have. Showering is something you’re going to need to do every day, so it’s good to know your shower is just as comfortable as you want it to be and it’s going to be what you are looking forward to when you turn on the water.

This said, between colours and tiles, there are still going to be a hundred things you’ll need to pick out for your bathroom but don’t lose hope if you find yourself short of ideas. Bathroom design and renovation companies have a lot of experience and have a lot of items, materials and colours to show you in order to provide you with the bathroom you’ve always dreamt of.