The very first thing you notice when you enter a bathroom is probably not going to be the sink. Maybe your attention will be focused more on the mirrors, the shower or the bathtub, if the bathroom has one, however, choosing the right sink is a very important step when you are in the process of designing a new bathroom or refurbishing one.

The sink is a fundamental element in every bathroom, you are going to use it every day of your life and you can find one in any type of bathroom you’ll see, be it the one in your house, a public restroom or a guest bathroom. Even though it is a very common item, you can do much more than just picking one to put in your bathroom, you can pick the one that represents you and your house style just right so that you can make your bathroom look unique, almost like a work of art.

If you happen to be looking for the sink made especially for your needs but you are out of ideas, or maybe you don’t know how to start looking for it, then this article is hopefully going to help you choose the sink that fits you the most.

Choosing the sink is a decision that should be made carefully if you want your bathroom to look stylish and well-thought. There are actually a couple things you need to consider when you first look at possible sink options.

The first thing you need to think about is if the sink you are about to choose is going to be efficient; remember that you are most likely going to use it every day, therefore you want to pick an item that is going to last and that is comfortable to use, and possibly easy to clean too.

The second thing to keep in mind is its shape; is it going to blend in with the style you have in mind for your bathroom or with the style you already have? If the answer is yes, and you’ve already checked the first thing I talked about before off the list, then the sink your looking at might be the right choice.

If you find yourself at a loss of ideas and you need inspiration, don’t forget that it’s easy to find bathroom design companies that are always available and ready to help you find the perfect solutions for you bathroom, not only if we are talking about items such as sinks or toilets, but also tiles for your floor.

Nowadays there are really a lot of options to pick from and you can differentiate between them mainly thanks to the position one model of sink will assume in relation to the bathroom’s furniture such as shelves and cabinets. However, you can also find options that are maybe more related to your needs and tastes than others or options that fit the size of your bathroom better than others, in any case, you can be 100% sure that you are going to find the right solution.

Now that we’ve covered the very basic stuff, let’s move on to talking about the different types of sinks you can find on the market.

Pedestal Sinks

Those are the kind of sinks that suit small bathrooms the most. A pedestal sink can stand on its own thanks to a small column that supports it and it offers you the possibility to save some space since you will not need to install it on a countertop. However, because of this, it doesn’t offer a lot of storage space, so you’ll probably have to install a cabinet or a couple shelves where you can put your personal belongings.

Self Rimming Sinks

This kind of sink is also known as ‘drop in sink’ and it’s installed directly on a countertop. It’s called ‘self rimming’ because it features a rolled rim which sits above the counter that it’s used to keep the sink in its place. You can find self rimming sinks made of any material and, it’s the perfect sink if you are refurbishing a bathroom because the rim allows you to replace it without damaging your countertop.

Undermount Sinks

If you have a solid countertop made of material such as marble or concrete, then you might want to consider an undermount sink as a solution for your bathroom. This model of sink is installed from underneath you counter and for this reason they are customized for exactly the surface you have and the hole you’re going to put it in is going to fit only that specific sink. Think carefully if you want to install this model because replacing it is going to be a bit tricky and you might have to replace the hole countertop.

Vessel Sinks

A vessel sink is positioned on top of a countertop so that the bottom tip of the sink touches the top of the counter’s surface. You can find vessel sinks made of different materials that go from ceramic to glass and, due to this particular kind of installation, you are going to have a lot of free space on top of the countertop where you can put your personal items and belongings.

Console Sinks

Console Sinks don’t offer a lot of space for your things but they look pretty good if you are trying to go for an Urban or Modern look for your newly designed bathroom. It is a wall mounted sink that is supported by either two or four metal legs, and the plumbing drains are exposed. These are all element that give off that London warehouse feeling that fits an Urban bathroom perfectly.

Wall Hung Sinks

As the name suggests, this model of sink is hung on the wall. They don’t come with vanities but they help you save a lot of space in case your bathroom is small. With this kind of sink the drains are also exposed, however, if you wish, there is the possibility to buy a wall support to conceal those details.

These are the main types of sinks you can easily find online or that can be purchased with the help of bathroom design companies but, before choosing one, we should also talk about the materials to pick from. There are many options and I’m about to summarize the main points and characteristics for every sink material:

  • Porcelain and fireclay: these ceramic sinks have very lustrous surfaces since they are clay-based. You’ll find that cleaning them is a very easy task and that they are also very durable, but don’t forget that ceramic can be chipped if you drop a heavy object on it!
  • Metal: these materials include steel, brass and copper and, as you can imagine, they are very durable and hard to break. You can clean them using normal products but keep in mind that some metals, such as copper, need special attention when cleaning.
  • Glass: these sinks are made of tempered glass, which makes them stronger and more durable than objects made of regular glass, so don’t worry about your sink shattering on your floor. Water could leave some spots on a glass sink but those are easily cleaned with glass cleaning products.
  • Cast iron: very durable sinks, however they can still be chipped if you hit it by accident and eventually the chipped spot will rust.
  • Solid surface sinks: they are made with materials that look a lot like countertop materials such as concrete or marble. They are a very good choice if your sink is used a lot and exposed to potential damage since every chip or scratch can be replenished with non-abrasive products.

Those are the most common materials you can find for your sink but, before you settle on one, always remember to think about how much your sink is going to be used and how much space you have in your bathroom.

If there are going to be a lot of kids using the sink, I’d suggest going for a more durable material even if it’s not as stylish as you want it to be. Also remember to pick the right cleaning product for your sink, most sinks are very basic and easy to clean but some materials, such as copper or glass, require special products and that might make them more expensive to maintain.

This was everything you need to know before finally making up your mind on a sink for your bathroom, if you still more advice then remember you can consult bathroom design companies anytime! I hope this article was useful and that it could make your life a little easier!