Nowadays, choosing a style to use when you decide to refurbish your bathroom or design a new one is no easy task. Unless you already have a style in your house and you want to keep following it for the bathroom, then you are going to find a lot of options and possibilities online from which you can get inspiration and find something that will please your tastes.

The styles you can pick from are many, from a ‘London-like’ urban style to a ‘Versailles-like’ classical style, you can be sure to find the one you like and fits your tastes the most. However, if you are out of ideas or don’t know how to actually develop the style you have in mind, you can always ask for the professional advice of bathroom design companies which are always ready to help you and show you the right options for your environment.

In case you have already decided which style you want to adopt for your bathroom and that style happens to be the minimal one, then I hope this article will help you get ideas and explanations on how to design or refurbish the bathroom so that it reflects all the characteristics of a perfect minimal style.

Designing a bathroom in minimal style is something very popular these days and it’s often a good and pretty simple way to refurbish a space that is often used during our everyday lives and that is subjected to a lot of heat and humidity. Since the bathroom is a room many people use not just because they have to, but also because they like to relax in a nice shower or bathtub, it is important to follow some very simple guidelines to make sure to design the environment exactly as you like it. It is crucial to feel comfortable in your house and designing every room with love and your everyday life in mind can help you achieve a feeling of peace when you are in your home.

Sobriety is one of the main characteristics of a minimal style, straight and essential lines are valued and often used, while extraordinary and excessive decorations are absolutely forbidden, since according to the minimal trend, they are completely useless. Here I’m about to go through every step to design a good minimal style bathroom, starting from bathtubs and showers to get to lighting and tiles.

Bathtub or Shower?

This is the question everybody needs to face when they don’t have enough space for both items in their bathroom. Speaking of design, in a minimal style bathroom, this doubt is irrelevant, you can choose either one basing on the one you like or use the most, as long as the shape and the lines are adequate for this kind of style.

For those who love bathtubs, it’s best to go for a model that is rectangular, has amplified corners and that has a colour or material that is very similar to the colour of the tiles or the walls. The idea is that your bathtub needs to blend in so well with the colours of the environment that you almost can’t see it. Kind of like a chameleon, I’d say.

If you prefer a shower instead, then it’s better if the shower box is flush floor and a glass door instead of a curtain is definitely an element you need to implement. The thinner the shower glass is the better. A sliding door is also suggested and the handles, of course, need to follow the style too.

Furniture and Sink

A good type of counter to use in minimal style are the ones that adopt a push and pull system to open the drawers, this way you can get rid of handles. Try to always pick a model that has very basic lines and shapes, that is one of the main characteristics if you are trying to go for minimal style.

A nice way to implement a sink is using a vessel kind of sink, better if it’s square or rectangular, which is an elegant element that can easily be found in refined materials such as ceramic.

If you don’t like to leave personal belongings on the counter and you have enough space in your bathroom for a cabinet, then choose one that has different shelves so that there will be no items laying around and unbalancing the minimal style you are looking for. If you don’t have a lot of free space, then I suggest going for a mirror cabinet; it’s not going to be as spacious as a whole cabinet, but you can have two items in the space of one.


Following this minimal and modern style means keeping things simple but also trying to make the unique, even when we are talking about colours. This does not mean looking for extravagant colours, generally a minimal style leans more towards neutral and uniform tones. Beige, grey, dove grey, white… These are very common colours you can use and don’t forget you can always soften or blend them after you’ve seen how one looks on your wall. At first the room might look very cold and impersonal, but minimal style is about elegance and functionality, so that feeling is completely okay.

Floor and Tiling

You should try to pick you floor based on colours more than materials. However, the way you position the tiles and the size of them is also important for the feel of your room. White tiles for your walls tend to make the room look bigger and if they are square and big they help give a peculiar shine to the bathroom.

For the floor, some very nice options can be stone and marble, however they are often very expensive. If you are looking for something more affordable, then porcelain stoneware could be the right choice to obtain the result of a suggestive bathroom.

Spatulated concrete is also a nice option that can fit different styles and it’s even durable, resistant to humidity and easy to clean.


We’ve covered before that, in a minimal style bathroom, unnecessary accessories are forbidden, but there are also some that are needed and cannot be absent in a bathroom. For examples you can have glass shelves along the walls instead of cabinets, but nothing that could potentially be an obstacle to the functionality of your bathroom. You can also choose a small metal stair to use as a bathrobe or towel holder and the change in material is going to be a nice shift of focus for the environment.


The bathroom is usually one of the smallest rooms in the house and, because of this, illumination is a great way of valorizing the space you have available and also making it seem bigger. If you have a window, then use it to get the most out of the natural light that will come from outside. If you don’t have a window available or the one you have is very small, then it’s not an unfixable problem, or a problem at all. Light is not only functional, it’s also meant to make the room look prettier and, in the case of a minimal style bathroom, very stylized and basic lamps are what you should be looking into.

Recessed spotlights are also a valuable option if you want to stay elegant, minimal and save space.


These were the main characteristics of a good designed or refurbished minimal style bathroom. Three words to remember when picking your items and accessories from the many options you have available are ‘Less is More’. This is the sentence that can summarize this article when you are actually going through the process of deciding if minimal is the style you are really looking for. Keep in mind that is useful to pick square or rectangular shapes rather than round ones since it helps with keeping your bathroom’s lines basic and simple.

I hope this article was useful to you all and don’t forget that if you need further instructions or ideas it’s suggested to ask bathroom design companies for a professional opinion. They can tell you if the item you are looking at is going to fit the size and style of your bathroom and also, if it’s not, they can offer many options and suggestions to find solutions that can appease your tastes.