Is the bathroom something you should only use when you need to and then move on with your life? Well, actually no. Maybe that is something that’s true for public bathrooms or any bathroom that is not your own, but, if you are in your house, you probably enjoy a little bit of privacy and comfort when you are in the bathroom too.

If you think about it, the bathroom is the room that links our life outside the house with our life inside, the last thing you do before exiting your home is probably stopping by the bathroom and the first thing you do when you get back is most likely visit the bathroom.

This is the reason why nobody ever complains if you decide to add some little comforts to your bathroom, neither your wife or husband, nor your landlord.

In this article, we are going to go through some fancy and affordable accessories and comforts you can add to your bathroom when designing or refurbishing it in order to make it more personal and in line with your and your family’s needs.

Every bathroom is different, some are small, some are spacious, some are minimal style, some are classical. The size and style don’t matter, here you are going to find nice ideas for bathroom design and renovations, and you are also going to get inspiration if you are looking to add some extra comforts to your bathroom.

When you decide you want some additions to the bathroom, the first thing you need to do is be aware of the space you have available. Yes, in this article we will go over comfort ideas for smaller and bigger bathrooms, however, if your bathroom is quite small, it might be difficult to fit a jacuzzi in it, no matter how much you might want it.

Keep in mind that a bathroom’s main purpose is to be functional and, in order for it to work well, you need to keep an eye out for how you are going to arrange the space.

This said, you can probably easily find solutions for small bathrooms and, if you are designing a bathroom for the first time, it’s going to be quite easy to arrange the furniture and utensils in order to make space for a bathtub, if you want one. You might need to be more careful if you are renovating an already furnished room, but don’t give up all hope right away.

You can always ask bathroom design specialists for help, especially if you live in big cities like London, it’s easy to find professional bathroom builders and designers who are specialized in helping people get the perfect solutions that work out for them and their house and satisfy all the family members and landlords.

The first thing most people think about when they hear the words ‘bathroom’ and ‘comfort’ in the same sentence is probably a bathtub. Not a regular bathtub though, we are talking about a full-on jacuzzi that can make your dream bath come true with bubbles and water jets.

The jacuzzi is not only something you can find in fancy hotels, and even though there are huge models that fit many people and probably don’t fit in a regular bathroom, there are also models that are smaller and made for one or two people at a time.

There are angular, free-standing, square and rectangular models of jacuzzi made for inside spaces and, if you are not sure your bathroom can fit one, or if you want to find a specific model with specific dimensions, don’t forget you can always ask bathroom designers and installers for their help.

Let’s keep talking about bathtubs though. This might come as a surprise, but nowadays you can install electric mixer faucets on your bathtub so that it can be even easier to set the water temperature you want for your bath.

You can do that remotely with an app you can easily download on your phone so that you just need to give out the command and you’ll have a hot bath waiting for you in no time at all.

This little device can be installed on any surface of any bathtub, no matter the shape or the material and it’s perfect to feel cuddled even when you take a bath by yourself.

If you are trying to give a certain vibe or atmosphere to your bathroom, then you should start by paying some special attention to the illumination you are going to use. Illumination is very important in a bathroom, or in any room of the house, as it can influence the feeling you get when you walk into a room.

The kind of light you use, if it’s warm or cold, and the way you position the light sources, including windows, can even influence how big your room looks. In order to get light and save space, you can install lamps on the walls, or maybe spotlights on the ceiling which you can orient in different directions to get the most of off the light you can have.

Remember that if you orient the lamps towards the wall or following the direction of the wall, the light is going to reflect on the surface, especially it it’s white or another light colour, therefore, you are going to enjoy more light this way rather than pointing the lamp towards the centre of the room.

Another useful suggestion is adding a spotlight above the mirror, not only to get more light, but it’s also going to be of good use when somebody needs to put make-up on. LED mirrors are also available and they come with powerful lights at a very convenient price.

If you already have a bathroom and you get the idea that it looks kind of old, when you refurbish it one of the first things you should consider is changing the mirror for a newer one. Especially if the mirror you have looks old. A modern-like mirror can change the way the bathroom looks completely and it’s pretty easy to find valuable substitute for your mirror.

Stylish options are going to make the room feel more comfortable and personal so it’s good to pick good quality products that offer a good option for you.

Your sink area also needs its accessories in order to look stylish and in line with the rest of your bathroom. Accessories such as soap holders and soap dispenser with special designs can make the difference in a bathroom, especially if you pay attention to little details.

You can easily find many different materials for this kind of little accessories, I’d suggest looking into wooden options, if you want your bathroom to look unique, and metal options if you are trying to go for a contemporary, minimal or urban style.

There’s never enough space in a house, especially if more than two people life in the same household. The bathroom can easily become a mess of towels and toothbrushes because of the lack of space on the counter and that is why it’s worth it to look into some shelves to get additional space. Shelves and hangers are the options you need to make some space and have a bathroom that not only looks tidier, but that is also more comfortable and functional to use.

As a last advice, I’d like to mention that laundry baskets don’t need to be ugly white things to keep hidden. There are also metal and plastic options that can have modern and classic designs and that can fit any style you are trying to give for your bathroom. If your laundry basket looks good, you won’t have to hide it anymore, you could just place it next to the shower to make it easy to throw dirty clothes in it whenever you need!

These were just some options and suggestions to help you personalize your bathroom, however, there are many more items and products to look into and that are worth considering. If you need additional help in finding solutions for your bathroom, don’t forget to contact bathroom design companies. I hope this article gave you nice ideas about newer comforts and accessories to add to the bathroom, good luck with choosing the right ones!

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