When you are trying to pick a style for the bathroom you plan to design or refurbish, then probably a lot of ideas are going to come to your mind. After all, there are really a lot of styles you can choose from and sometimes it can happen to have more than one you particularly like. Most likely the ones you think of at first are the most common and popular one, who has never heard of minimal style or contemporary style? Not to mention classical style and all the vintage sections… There are also more specific options you can look into, for example a trend that’s becoming very popular these days is the urban style bathroom, which focuses on a mix of natural materials and metals.

I’m pretty sure though that not many of you have ever heard of Scandinavian style before. That’s fine, this article is here to explain in detail what the Scandinavian style is about, how to design or refurbish a bathroom using this style and how to adapt it in order to be perfect for the space you have available.

Regarding how to use spaces in your bathroom, I am going to provide you some suggestions about how this style can fit your needs but I always recommend contacting bathroom design specialists and bathroom design companies in order to get some professional advice. It’s pretty simple to find bathroom design and installation in London and they can definitely tell you which solutions are the most suited for your environment.

Whether you are a landlord or a home owner, bathroom renovation and refurbishment is necessary every once in a while and this article is hopefully going to help you get new and interesting ideas on how to design a bathroom that’s unique and different from the majority.

Let me start by introducing you to the Scandinavian style; as the name suggests, this style takes inspiration from northern European countries such as Norway and Sweden and it’s one of the most trending styles these days.

It’s simple and essential and one of its main characteristics it’s that this style calls for light colours. If you think about it, this actually makes a lot of sense since northern European countries get only a few hours of light during the day, therefore they need bright colours that can help with further illuminating not only their bathrooms, but also the other rooms in their houses.

It does not matter if your bathroom is big or small, the Scandinavian style can perfectly adapt to both, however, you need to remember that this style is focused on comfort and functionality, therefore it can’t be overly stuffed with accessories and decorations. Relaxation is one of the main goals that this style tries to achieve, so you should always try to go for simple lines and shapes that are going to suit your needs as best as they can.

But let’s not skip steps, here I’m going to describe step by step everything you need to consider when designing a Scandinavian style bathroom.


As I have previously mentioned, light colours are what you should be looking for in this type of style. This means you can use a huge variety of whites, light and warm greys, beiges and browns but it doesn’t exclude different and unusual options such as greens and blues. If you can find solutions in order to make the colours shine more and give out more lights than that’s even better, for example you can use bright illumination and mirrors to get the most out of the light you can have.


The perfect materials to use in order to design a Scandinavian style bathroom are materials that resemble nature as much as possible as well as those materials which are able to give a minimal and clean looking feeling.

The king of materials in this kind of bathrooms is definitely wood, especially if you use it in lighter colour shades that are able to brighten up the room while also giving a feeling of warmth that can help with the relaxation aspect of the bathroom. I’d personally suggest exotic wood such as teak, iroko and merbau, but other types of wood can work too, as long as they are moisture resistant and you can prevent water and condensation from touching the wooden surface. Another solution could be using materials that resemble wood, for example, ceramic.

Bathtub or shower?

Choosing if you want a bathtub or a shower is completely personal and it doesn’t have anything to do with the style you are trying to give to your bathroom. However, I can give you some advice for both and you can then decide which one you like more.

If you are looking for a shower that complies with the Scandinavian style, the I suggest a very minimal and modern looking shower which uses a glass sliding door instead of the classical shower curtain. The shower head can be as big as you want it to be and you are welcome to show off all the steel and metal you possibly can.

On the other hand, if you’d love to have a bathtub and you happen to have a lot of free space available in your bathroom, then I’d definitely recommend getting a free-standing bathtub. You can basically choose any material you want but also consider the possibility of inserting some wood in the outside of the tub in order to nail that Scandinavian look.


You pretty much have the liberty of choosing whatever kind of sink you like in Scandinavian style, vessel sinks look particularly good in a light coloured bathroom. For bathroom fitting you can either pick a classical steel material or maybe you can experiment some with newer materials and colours such as gold or black, it all depends on which colours and materials you picked for the rest of the bathroom.


This might come as something new and that you hadn’t considered before this moment, but plants are another key element for a unique Scandinavian style bathroom. You can’t forget them if you want to get the feeling you are looking for, it doesn’t matter if they are small, medium sized or big as long as there’s at least one plant in the room to give that touch of bright, natural green and colour. I understand that if you don’t have a green thumb or you don’t have a lot of natural light coming into the bathroom it can be very difficult to keep plants alive and avoid getting new ones every week. This is why the solution to that is getting a fake plant you can easily find on the market as a substitute.


The Scandinavian style wants accessories that are not just there to be pretty, all the accessories you put in your bathroom need to be functional and bring comfort for your life, otherwise they are unnecessary for this style. Instead of the usual plastic laundry basket you can consider using a wicker basket that is going to add a wood element that is much appreciated in Scandinavian style.

You can also choose a wooden shelf you can use as a support for your plants and, if you need something to hold your towels, an original and unique idea is using a wooden ladder you can just place against the wall and use as a towel holder. Candles are a good idea if you need to add a romantic touch to your bathroom, but not too many, remember that we don’t want anything more than necessary in our Norwegian style bathroom. If you can pick candles that are navy blue or aqua green, then that’s going to look amazing with the wood in the room.


 Ceramic tiles are what you should be looking for. They are beautiful and easy to clean, not to mention they complement the wooden elements in the bathroom. If you pick white as a colour, then it’s going to look perfect for sure.


Here are all the basics you need to know in order to start designing your Scandinavian style bathroom. Don’t forget to ask bathroom design contractors if you happen to have any doubt, they can show you the perfect solutions for your bathroom and recommend the best materials basing on your needs. If you want to know more about design and installation have a look at https://landlordbathrooms.com/bathroom-designer/