Bathroom styles are many and all of them are different from each other. Nowadays, the bathroom is not only a place you only use when you need to, but it has become a safe space, a relaxing area full of comforts you can enjoy before you start your daily life, or when you come home after a tiring day at work.

Between more modern designs such as urban, contemporary, minimal and Scandinavian, you can also find more classical styles in case you live in classical house or if you just want your bathroom to have a different feel, something more historic.

If you have always wanted a vintage style bathroom but you have no idea where to start or whether it would look good or not in your house, then you’ve come to the right place. In this article we are not only going to explain to everybody, landlords or home owners, how to design a vintage bathroom.

Of course, if you want to be absolutely sure to find the solutions you are looking for and that are going to adapt to your bathroom specifically, you should also look into some companies of bathroom refurbishment in London, so that they can tell you exactly what kind of renovation or furniture your house or rental property needs.

But let’s now start with reassuring those of you who are wondering if their bathrooms are going to be suited for a vintage style. It doesn’t matter if the bathroom you are trying to renovate looks too small, or if the rest of your house is in a completely different style, the suggestions I’m about to give you are hopefully going to solve all of your doubts and problems.

There are many reasons why people have recently begun choosing a style that takes inspiration from the past, rather than always looking to the future as it commonly happens nowadays. The main reason is that some characteristics are just timeless, they always look good and they always give your room a personal and unique feeling.

You might be wondering: “how can I implement the materials that are available today with vintage style?”

Well, I’m going to explain that by literally starting from the basis of your bathroom: flooring.


Let me just say one word that can basically summarize all there is to say about the floor of a vintage style bathroom: Tiling.

Tiles are essential for a vintage look. No matter what the flooring of the rest of your house looks like, your vintage bathroom floor needs to be made of tiles.

Metro tiles or white subway are an especially good choice if you have the option of using them, I’m sure bathroom designers and installers will help you figure out how to work with those materials in order to fit your bathroom.

I’d recommend using flat tiles since they are usually preferred for bathrooms, but bevelled edged tiles are also going to give out the same timeless feel a vintage bathroom should have.

If you’re wondering about the colour, it pretty much depends on the colours of the other elements in the room, but, as I’ve mentioned before, white is always a good option, however, I would also suggest going for a dark grey solution.

Tiles can have different shapes, but I’d recommend not using rectangular or square tiles since they can look too modern for a vintage bathroom. I advise using hexagonal shaped tiles to get the most out of the look.

If tiling is not good for you, a secondary option could be wood. This material looks better when it ages and it’s also going to keep your bathroom way warmer than tiles.

Bathtub or Shower?

Bathtub without a doubt. In particular, claw foot porcelain designs are the best choice for a vintage feel since you can find them in most classical homes and villas. Porcelain is the material you should be looking for in this kind of style, back in the days, this was the most popular bathtub material since it was very easy to clean.

If porcelain is not your cup of tea, a second option could be copper. In any case, a free-standing bathtub is the best solution for a vintage feel.

As much as a bathtub is nice and relaxing, we all know that a shower is needed in a bathroom. But how can you match that with a vintage style? The simplest and cheapest way is to get a shower-bathtub free-standing unit that can easily accommodate both items in the space of one. Glass should be avoided, therefore a shower curtain is the best solution for your unit.

I suggest using gold coloured plumbing and taps to achieve a perfect level of vintage in your bathroom renovation.

Sink and Toilet

As for the sink, amongst all the different models you can easily find on the market, I’d recommend choosing a pedestal sink with delicate lines and copper or golden coloured handles and taps. Remember that some metals, such as wrought iron, nickel and copper, are more suited for a vintage feel because they give the item a ‘dull’ look. For this reason, it’s probably a good idea to pick these kinds of metals over shiny ones.

If you’re wondering about what toilet model is the best one, let me say that a detached tank is a typical characteristic of vintage toilets, especially if the look is implemented with a metal chain handle you can pull to flush.


It might sound obvious, but you should stay away from neon lights, or any kind of bright white and cold light that is usually more suited for a modern look or an urban look. For a vintage style, warm light is preferred, especially if you have the option of installing a chandelier. It can look fancy, but even a small one can give elegance and intimacy to your bathroom and make it absolutely unique.

If a chandelier is too much for your tastes, you can opt for individual lights fixtures. For example, boxy lanterns that extend off the wall.

As always, natural light is welcomed, therefore, if you have the chance of having a big window, feel free to take it.

Accessories and Furniture

Cabinets and shelves are the best and most popular choice. As for the material, varnished wood is a must for a vintage look. Accessories such as soap holders are absolutely allowed, but they should be made with dull metals, respecting the gold/copper look of the taps. Another option could be using old-fashioned glass jars for the soap, just as it used to be back in the days.

You can have multiple mirrors of different sizes and shapes. For example, you can position three or four medium sized mirrors all close to each other above the sink. Or you can just pick a bigger one and go with only one mirror. Rectangular and bevelled mirrors are recommended, maybe you could pick some that have metal frames and reflect the copper or gold style of the rest of the bathroom.


Unfortunately, in a vintage bathroom, your choice of colours is limited. You can go for an all-white bathroom with just some hints of copper or gold, but, if that looks too impersonal for your taste, pastel colours can be a good solution.

Turquoise, pink, earthy browns… these colours can make your bathroom look warmer, as well as making it look very personal. Colours can make all the difference in any kind of style, therefore I advise paying a lot of attention to which ones you select!


Vintage style is one of the most difficult styles to achieve in a bathroom, however it’s not impossible and it can also be fun to look for the different materials, colours and items you need. In this article we’ve covered all the vintage style characteristics you need to know if you need some bathroom refurbishment or renovation and you want to go for this style.

There are plenty of elements you can discover and exploit to make your bathroom unique and exactly how you like it.

I hope this article gave you an idea of what you might need for a vintage style bathroom design, however, I always suggest looking for some bathroom design and installation in London. Professionals are going to analyse your situation and find the best solutions for your bathroom considering its size and your budget.

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