Usually, when we come across article titles such as this one, we tend to think about small-sized rooms, where every centimetre is of crucial importance because we need all the space we can get in order to fit everything we desire inside of it.

However, having a bathroom that is too stuffed with furniture, accessories and things we don’t need, can make any room of any size look packed and uncomfortable.

This is the reason why this article won’t only talk about suggestions to save space in a small bathroom, but it will also give helpful advice to maximise the space in big and medium sized rooms.

By following some simple steps, you’re going to be able to turn a disorganised bathroom, into a clean-looking environment which will potentially be a lot more organised. This will also give you the chance to make to most of the space you’ll save and maybe add new furniture or a bigger shower unit.

If you’re unsure what kind of accessories you should use to save space, I’d like to recommend asking bathroom designers and installers for their opinion. Having professionals take a look at your bathroom is always a good choice when in doubt.

Here are a few useful suggestions that can easily make your rental property look more spacious while also making your landlord happy with the results of these bathroom renovations. I hope these tips can help you optimise the space in your bathroom regardless of its dimensions.

Choose Glass Whenever You Can

Whether your bathroom is small or big, if you want to make it look more spacious, certain materials are more suited than others. In these cases, glass needs to be your best friend.

Glass is a material which can add a lot of value to any room, no matter the size of it. In the field of bathroom design and remodel, glass gives you the chance to eliminate walls or shower curtains, substituting them with a much lighter and luminous material.

Glass walls allow light to enter the room, making the entire bathroom look more natural and comfortable.

Doors and Windows

A good way of maximising the space is using sliding doors. This kind of doors might not be the first option that comes to our minds when it comes to doors, however, they can be a very valuable solution to save a great amount of space. Consider doors that use a rail rather than a hinge, especially pocket doors. Don’t forget that you can also install a towel bar on the door and save space somewhere else.

As for windows, they are always a good choice for any kind of bathroom. If you are going through bathroom renovation, try to find a way to have a wide window that’s going to let a lot of light enter, making the room look more spacious. If you don’t think your there’s a way to fit a bigger window in your bathroom, make sure to seek the help of bathroom fitters in London to hear what they have to say.

Choose the Right Tiles

Tiling is a crucial element in a bathroom. If you choose the right kind of tiles, you can easily find ways to make the room look more spacious. Keep in mind that larger tiles with only a few grout lines or diagonal tiles usually make the space look bigger, so that’s what you should pick if your bathroom is rather small.

As for the walls, if you use tiles all the way up to the ceiling, you’re going to get the feeling of a higher room. Another suggestion is picking a coloured tile to place near the ceiling so that the eye is drawn upward.

A Simple Design is Key

In order to make a room look spacious, we need to avoid choosing a huge variety of patterns, otherwise your bathroom is only going to feel cluttered.

Going for simple designs is the main solution to save space, avoid anything that pokes out into the floor space, and consider hanging the toiled and the furniture on the walls.

This can also mean choosing shelves over cabinets to have a lean and almost minimal style in your bathroom. Basket shelves are a unique feature you can easily add to your bathroom, and they fit in very well if you’re trying to go for a Scandinavian or Urban style.

In addition, when it comes to furniture, I’d recommend opting for a rounded style. Sharp corners aren’t the best idea in a small bathroom, and with round ones you’ll keep the design simple and safe for everybody, including kids.

Consider buying installing adhesive hooks, if you don’t have space for a cabinet, or, if you do have one, don’t forget you can install a full-length mirror on the cabinet’s door.

If you want to partially conceal the size of the room, a good trick is adding a focal point that calls the eye’s attention. These kinds of solutions can be plants, sculptures or paintings. Needless to say, it’s always better to opt for lighter tones, however, you can choose darker or brighter colours for a painting.

Colours Can Make the Difference

Take your time when choosing the colours of your bathroom since they can make a huge difference in the way the room looks and feels. The absolute best and most common solution are neutral colours such as white and grey. These shades can potentially make any room look more spacious, and they also add a feeling of cleanliness to the environment.

If you wish to add colour to your bathroom, that’s absolutely not a problem. However, it might be better to avoid mixing too many colours and creating irregular patterns that are going to make the room look confusing.

If you are looking for a unique touch, then consider adding a glossy sheen that’s good for reflecting light while also giving the illusion of being in a bigger space.

A good alternative if you don’t want to risk using colourful tiles it’s going for neutral colours for the walls and floor while picking brighter shades for the towels.

Always Go For a Lot of Light

One of the most common tricks to make a room look more spacious is illumination. The more light there is the better. If you have the chance to let natural light in through a window, then that’s the best and more economic option when bills come, otherwise I’d suggest lighting up the space as much as you can.

Try to avoid suspended lights that hang from the ceiling because they’re going to make it look lower. As a solution, you can use any kind of wall lights, wall sconces and cove lightning to give out the impression of a higher ceiling.

If your bathroom is very narrow, a good way to open up the area is lightning up only one wall and let the tiles and the mirrors do the rest.

Take Advantage of Mirrors

Reflective items such as mirrors are the perfect way to make any room look more open. In a bathroom, having a mirror is compulsory, therefore you should try to choose the model that will complement your bathroom the best.

You can choose bigger mirrors to reflect bigger portion of the room, or you can also go for vertical mirrors that are thinner but taller.

If your bathroom is small, avoid combinations of smaller mirrors in order to save precious space you could use for shelves or cabinets.

In case you want an additional mirror, then it could be a good idea to hang one on the door.


These were some quick tips that will hopefully help you make your bathroom look and feel bigger. Don’t forget that the best way to make a small bathroom look more organised is by keeping it tidy at all times.

Always try to look for alternative solutions and options that can easily make your bathroom unique. The corners of the room are not dead spaces, you could use them to install a corner sink, a bathtub or a shower and save some space.

If you find yourself short of ideas, or you are looking for the help of a professional, don’t hesitate to contact bathroom design specialists that can actually take a look at your situation.

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